When will 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 air? Release date, time and how to watch Discovery show
Hoffman family members will compete with each other to find the most gold from the same Alaskan mine in 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2

MAMMOTH VALLEY MINE, ALASKA: Todd Hoffman and his family return with an all-new season of 'Hoffman Family Gold' and their biggest gamble. This latest season explores the ups and downs of a multi-generational family business.

'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 features Todd, his father, Jack Hoffman, and his son, Hunter Hoffman, who will go on a gold quest in a deep Alaskan mine with ragged equipment and a rookie crew. However, the Hoffman family has only seven weeks to find the gold before the weather gets worse. Besides mining, the viewers will be treated to the tumultuous battle between father and son to see who can mine the most gold.

When will 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 release?

'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 premieres on Friday, June 16, at 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery.

How to watch 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2?

'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 will be available to stream on Discovery. However, you don't need to worry if you miss an episode, as fans can watch them on Amazon Prime and fuboTV.

Who are the crew in 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2?

Todd Hoffman: Todd is the leader of the Hoffman crew and one of the major miners of the 'Gold Rush' franchise. Notably, Todd was the one who originally came up with the idea to go mine in Alaska, based on an adventure his dad went on nearly 25 years ago.

Jack Hoffman: Jack, Todd's father, is a self-made man who served in the military and is active in his local church. He has a unique approach to working in the fields as he prefers to go on instinct and gut feeling rather than waste time talking about plans and strategies during mining.

Hunter Hoffman: Hunter is a well-known reality TV personality who also runs a gold mining company. He is the third generation of the Hoffman family to appear on TV, following his grandparents, Jack and Georgia, and parents, Todd and Shawna.

What is 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 all about?

'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 features Todd, who lives in Sandy, and his crew returning to Alaska's Mammoth Valley Mine, hoping to find 1,000 ounces of gold, which can be used to pay off his $750,000 debt. The new season is said to reveal the ups and downs of the three generations of the family business. Fans will especially focus on the drama between father and son as they compete to see who can mine the most gold from the same piece of ground.

The previous season concluded with multiple hurdles, highlighted by fierce weather conditions, broken equipment, and an inexperienced crew unable to work the rich paydirt. But this time, we can hope that the Hoffman family has learned from their experience as they return to Alaska's Mammoth Valley Mine with a plan to unearth 1,000 ounces of gold to turn a profit. Todd will be accompanied by his son, Hunter, his father, Jack, a handpicked, trustworthy crew, a fleet of new equipment, and the necessary grit to keep the gold coming week after week.

What is the buzz around 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2?

'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 is not only about mining, as the latest season is also set to ramp up emotional family drama. Todd's son Hunter wanted to quit mining and create his own name in a totally different world. However, Todd, who shares a deep connection with mining, got upset with his son's decision which will probably stir up more drama between them as the season progresses. In the trailer for the new season, Todd said, If we can’t do it this year, there’s no excuse. Hunter replied that he wants to run his own wash plant. Todd was seemingly stunned by his son's decision and said, It caught me by surprise at how much he doesn’t want to work with me. Meanwhile, Hunter insisted that he don't want to fight with his father anymore.

Catch new episodes of 'Hoffman Family Gold' Season 2 from Friday, June 16, at 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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