You never heard that?’: ‘Today’ host Carson Daly makes revelation about Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts leaving meteorologist stunned
Al Roker was left gaping in surprise as Carson Daly reported that he and his wife Deborah Robers had been recognized for their contribution to TV news

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK: Carson Daly has done it again – the ‘Today’ show host targeted Al Roker on Wednesday, June 14. Daly casually brought up Roker and his wife Deborah Roberts as part of the 'PopStart' segment.

The meteorologist was left gaping in surprise as he heard Daly presenting the piece of news just like he reports any other story. Apparently, even Roker was unaware of this major piece of information about himself and his wife.

Al Roker and Deborah Roberts part of People’s Magazine

The ‘Today’ meteorologist and his wife Deborah Roberts, who is also a central part of American journalism through ABC News, ended up as one of the reasons in People’s 100 Reasons to Love America list. They were honored with the title “the first couple of TV news.”

The magazine also mentioned that the couple will be completing 28 years of marriage later this year along with their recent induction into the Broadcasting + Cable Hall of Fame.

Carson Daly surprised that Al Roker didn’t already know

Daly announced during the 'PopStart' segment, “Mr Roker and his better half Deborah Roberts, the happy couple, just landed on an issue of People magazine. Daly was confused as he assumed Roker knew this, but Roker was gaping in shock and disbelief. You look surprised over there. You and your wife, it's listed as 100 reasons to love America,” Daly emphasized once again, continuing to explain, You're number 19, with people calling you and Deborah the first couple of TV news.

Co-host Hoda Kotb was also surprised to see Roker’s reaction and asked, “You never heard that?” Savannah Guthrie, on the other hand, repeated what a special achievement it was, “Out of 100, that's like top 20, that's amazing!

‘What kind of a country are we living in?’

Roker jokingly questioned being one of the 100 attractions of America, “What kind of a country are we living in? Wow!” Daly poked him further, like he usually does, by asking him, “Would you like to give a speech? Would you like to say something? To that, the cornered Roker responded with, Well, thank you, People! It's mostly because of Deborah, I've really got nothing to do with that! I'm just hanging on for dear life! Daly then expressed his surprise again saying, You didn't think I was going to spring that onto you. I figured you'd have it framed in your office!

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