'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown takes a jab at ex Kody Brown in cryptic post about personal growth
Meri Brown confessed earlier that her divorce from Kody Brown should have happened sooner

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA: 'Sister Wives' star Meri Brown is known for frequently sharing inspiring quotes, but her most recent post seems to indirectly address her ex, Kody Brown. Just a few days after admitting that her divorce from Kody Brown should have happened earlier, Meri Brown took to social media to share a cryptic quote.

The timing of her post suggests that it is subtly directed toward her former partner. Meri Brown's choice to express herself with enigmatic words adds an interesting layer to the situation leaving people speculating about the true meaning behind her message.

Meri Brown shares a cryptic quote

Meri took to Instagram, where she shared an insightful quote about personal growth in the form of a story. The words she shared were profound, Sometimes God reduces your circles because he heard conversations you didn't. Don't ask why, some people are only in our life for a season. It is worth noting that this post emerged just a few days after she openly admitted that her divorce from Kody Brown should have happened sooner. Given the timing and context, one cannot help but speculate whether this post was intended as a subtle jab at her ex-husband and the dynamics of their relationship. While Kody has not responded to the quote directly, it is difficult to interpret it as unrelated to Meri's journey with him. The thought-provoking nature of the quote makes it hard to view it as a mere standalone post and many are left contemplating the deeper implications of Meri's connection to Kody.

Is Meri Brown dating again?

Meri Brown, known for being somewhat of a lone wolf on 'Sister Wives,' was not only struggling with problems in her relationship with Kody, but also seemed to be distancing herself from the other wives. Eventually, the decision was made to end the relationship as it did not improve over time. After the separation, Meri moved permanently to Utah to take care of her late mother's legacy. Since the breakup, fans have been eagerly hoping that Meri will find happiness with a new man. Recently, a post on Meri's social media profile caught everyone's attention. She posed with a man whose Instagram username stated that his name was Blair M Struble. Both Meri and Blair posted several pictures together in a carousel, leading many to speculate that they could be together. There was a lot of excitement among fans who have been supporting Meri for a long time and wanted to see her happy outside of her relationship with Kody. However, despite the speculations, Blair did not respond to Meri's posting and also did not comment on the rumors about their relationship.

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Why did Meri leave Kody Brown?

In December 2022, Meri Brown and Kody Brown made a surprise announcement to their fans that their 32-year marriage was at an end. This news left fans guessing what the reasons were for the end of their longtime relationship. Meri had been by Kody's side since the 1990s and always expressed her unwavering love for the patriarch. While fans had often hoped that she would leave him, they were surprised when she finally took the decisive step. As the first wife in a polygamous family, Meri believed she held a higher position within the group. However, due to her inability to have more than one child and an emotional infidelity incident in Las Vegas, her reputation quickly deteriorated. Kody, who is known for being attracted to new and shiny things, seemed to be focusing more and more on his fourth and favorite wife, Robyn Brown. Meri, who has since separated from Kody, had to watch her husband gradually distance himself from their relationship and fade into the shadows.

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