The best headphones for Android devices
This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.

All Android smartphones come bundled with earphones for you to listen to your favourite music or podcasts immediately, but they're rarely impressive. It's a fact of life. It's a better idea to purchase a separate pair of headphones or earphones that suit your needs, as long as you know the kind of headphones or earbuds you need.

It's important to think about when you're going to be using your headphones. For starters, do you want to block out background noise while you're on your daily commute? Do you want a pair that are great while you're running or working out at the gym? Or do you just want to relax at home, listening to music through your headphones, perhaps even while you sleep?

These sort of questions will help you find the best wireless headphones for your Android device. To make it even easier, we've put together a quick guide.

What is Android?

Perhaps best known as the alternative operating system to Apple’s iOS, the Google-owned Android is an open source platform — that means (unlike Apple) any developers and tech companies can use and build on it. It’s used on many non-Apple phones and tablets, including devices made by Samsung and Google itself. Over 3 billion people actively use Android devices.

What makes a pair of headphones good for Android users?

It stands to reason that headphones made by the likes of Google and Samsung will make headphones that brilliantly sync with Android devices. Generally, look for headphones that have compatibility with Android-specific features, such as Google Fast Pair and Google Assistant. Most decent Bluetooth headphones have access to a voice assistant, such as Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung’s Bixby. You just need to set the headphones to your preferred version — in this case, Google Assistant. Be wary of headphones that only support one voice assistant (some have Alexa built-in).

What can Google Assistant do?

Once you have Google Assistant set up on your headphones and Android device, it’s seriously helpful. You can ask it to play specific songs — not to mention control all playback features — as well as make calls and send messages, set schedules and alarms, do general searches, and check the news or weather.

What is Google Fast Pair?

This Google-specific feature eliminates the faff of fiddling around with menus to connect Bluetooth devices. Your Android device will use Bluetooth Low Energy and location tech to immediately detect any Bluetooth devices nearby. A window will automatically pop up on your device and ask if you want to connect. Fast Pair devices can also sync with your Google account and offer personalised features.

Are cheap headphones worth the money?

The simple answer is, not really. If you’re looking to go easy on your wallet, you could just stick with the pair that come with your Android smartphone. This is only really a worthwhile plan if you're prone to losing headphones, because — ultimately — the standard-issue headphones are never that good. If you regularly enjoy music or podcasts, it's definitely worth investing in a more expensive pair that offer more useful features like active noise cancellation or companion apps.

What are the best headphones for Android?

To help you find something that will work for you and your Android device, we have tracked down a selection of your best options. We've done the research, read the online reviews, and have come up with a list of the best headphones for Android users.

These are the best headphones for Android devices in 2023.

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