Did HBO scrap Nicki Minaj’s documentary? Rapper teases 6-part ‘Nicki’ as she looks for ‘new home’ for docuseries
Nicki's fans had a field day as they recalled a similar docuseries announced back in 2020 by HBO, sparking speculations that the network had scrapped it

A six-part documentary series on Nicki Minaj is coming soon to enthrall her loyal fan base. The upcoming docuseries has been reportedly titled ‘Nicki.' The trailer was shared by the Queen of Rap on her official Twitter account with the hashtag #NickiDocumentary which quickly broke the Internet.

Nicki Minaj, who did not share the release date of the docuseries, thanked her fans on Instagram for taking the trailer to the numero uno spot on the trending list. The streaming partner of Nicki Minaj’s six-part documentary has not been revealed which caused confusion amongst the fans as it is apparently the same Nicki's documentary that was announced by HBO way back in 2020.

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Is Nicki Minaj’s six-part documentary not airing on HBO?

The trailer of Nicki Minaj’s docuseries sees the rapper making out of the trenches. A young Nicki can be seen showing off her rapping skills. After making it big in the game she later realizes she needed to step away from the business and start loving herself. The six-part documentary will shed light on different aspects of the global superstar’s rap career.

Nicki shared the teaser of her documentary on Instagram and stated, “I took some time to perfect this very intimate, delicate, electrifying, inspiring body of work.” She continued, “As I decide on a home for this project, I can’t help but reflect on what I’m including in this doc. Some things are so personal, it’s scary” concluding, “It’s like NOTHING you’ve seen before & I need it to be handled with care. Love you so much. Thank you for the continued support.”

Nicki Minaj on Twitter announced that the documentary was coming soon but she did not reveal the streaming platform the series will air. “Coming SOON!!!! The #NickiDocumentary you didn’t know you needed. Love you so much”, tweeted, the female emcee. The documentary it seems has been dropped by HBO as the trailer was not shared by HBO Max or HBO Pop.

In 2020, while announcing her six-part docuseries, Nicki on Instagram stated, “I am beyond grateful & excited to share this news with you guys today. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have #HBOMAX on board to help me tell my story in this delicate & memorable way. A way that my fans will love forever. This doc is next level. I can promise you that.” It is not clear what exactly happened between Nicki and HBO but it seems the documentary will surely get a new home.

Nicki Minaj’s documentary has been reportedly filmed by Bron Studios that has earlier worked on projects such as ‘House of Gucci,' 'Judas and the Black Messiah,' 'Euphoria’, Joker,' and others.

‘Nobody wants it that's why HBO scrapped it’

Social media users discussed whether HBO dropped Nicki’s six-part docuseries or not. “There is one thing they can’t do and that's being the queen of hip hop #nickidocumentary”, said one fan as another chimed in: “Is she still shopping a network for her doc? Usually, it’s announced where you’ll see it. Maybe she’s trying to prove interest- which is crazy, her fan base is huge but something is up here. Seems like some of these brands and networks make her jump through hoops. Ion like it.”

The next one quipped: “NOBODY'S WANT IT That's why HBO scrapped it!! LMAOOOO.” Another stated, “#NickiDocumentary will NOT be on HBO Max. She gave it to another streaming service.”

Meanwhile, one commented, “I haven't cancelled my hbo max subscription in 2 years in anticipation of this doc.”

An individual asserted: “Queen is the documentary still gonna be on HBO Maxx or is there a new streaming service?” as another mentioned, “Wait… so it’s not on HBO? She said as she describes for a home…!! NETFLIX PLEASEEEEE!!! Give Nicki her check we need an international home!”

One posted: “Okay so both HBO Max and HBO Max Pop haven’t posted the trailer so it’s definitely not coming out on HBO Max” as, another concluded, “HBO really fumbled the bag with this #NickiDocumentary they should be sweating rn.”

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