Is Emily Ratajkowski divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard? Model likes posts slamming 'cheating' husband
Emily Ratajkowski's recent activity on social media may be hinting toward her confirmation about splitting from her husband

Emily Ratajkowski has been dropping subtle hints about her marriage with Sebastian Bear-McClard, which might be hanging on a thread after rumors about them splitting have gone viral. The 35-year-old model liked at least three tweets on her feed about her alleged breakup and may have also confirmed the reason for it.

There were reports about the model's husband cheating on her with a waitress who worked in a bar near their place. She has also been spotted without her wedding band in her recent public appearances, and sources say she has been focussing heavily on her son. Her social media has also been giving the whiff of liberation of late.


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She let her Twitter likes go wild as she liked tweets about Sebastian's infidelity like, Can’t believe that little bit*h cheated on emrata. Another user talked more joyfully as they asked Girls, how are we celebrating Emrata’s divorce.

She also liked another tweet saying, Emrata finally free from that man just proves that god is actually very real. Apart from these, Twitter was flooded with people explaining how looks have hardly got anything to do with infidelity since emrata was easily the most beautiful woman ever to them.

One user wrote: An ugly man would secure a bad bitch like emrata and cheat on her only 4 yrs into their marriage this is why men don’t deserve anything good

Another user continued along the same sentiment, Emrata’s scrub husband cheating on her proves hot women need to stop giving ugly men chances - they literally can’t handle the boost to their egos without fumbling the bag.

An insider also told Page Six how this wasn't the first time Sebastian had done her wrong and she was focussing on her son. They also said she was a strong woman who is coping just fine. Emrata, as she is popularly known, and her husband got married in 2018 just weeks after she broke up with her ex-partner and were dating only a few weeks before tying the knot. She said, Yeah, everyone thinks we got married quickly, but you vetted me for two years,” she said. The two welcomed a baby boy in March 2021 and named him Sylvester Apollo Bear.


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In her book, 'My Body', which resonated widely with younger females, she gave a candid take on how she feels when her husband calls many other women attractive: “I am newly married to my husband when he remarks casually, ‘There are so many beautiful women in the world.’ I freeze when he says this. I know it is a perfectly acceptable and truthful thing to remark on, and yet I feel a familiar twist in my gut. He can feel the switch; he can sense the instant tension in my body. ‘I don’t know,’ I reply. I press my face into his chest, ashamed of my reaction. ‘I don’t know why it hurts to hear you say that.’ I can tell he wants to console me, but he is confused. I want him to console me, too, but I am unsure why I need it. Why do I suddenly feel as if he doesn’t love me enough?”

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