'Goddamn delightful': Fans demand Season 2 of 'Paper Girls' as it receives rousing reception
Fans shared their views on Season 1 of 'Paper Girls' and it seems, the show has been their newest obsession

Amazon’s latest sci-fi series ‘Paper Girls’ is hitting all the right notes and stunned everyone with a story that is much more immersive and emotional than you can think. Based on the comic-book series of the same name, ‘Paper Girls’ follows the lives of four young girls – Mac, KJ, Erin, and Tiffany – who found themselves in a peculiar situation when they meet a group of time travelers and get caught up between their conflict.

They dodge between the past, present, and future in order to save the world from a catastrophe. However, things get interesting when they meet older versions of themselves and try to learn how their life has been over the years. Sofia Rosinsky plays the role of Mac while Riley Lai Nelet stars as Erin Tieng. Camryn Jones and Fina Strazza portray the characters of Tiffany and KJ. On the other hand, Ali Wong can be seen playing the role of Adult Erin.


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Season 1 of Amazon’s sci-fi series has opened to positive reviews and critics are hailing the show for its impressive storytelling. Fans have a similar kind of opinion on the show and flooded social media with a lot of heartwarming gestures, with some saying that the show is even better than Netflix’s ‘Stranger Things’. One of the fans said, “#PaperGirls is the new #StrangerThings but better in every way !! Girls rule and boys drool . Better action and music”. Another social media user wrote, “Just finished bingeing #PaperGirls I desperately need a season 2 now!!”

Another fan tweeted, “#PaperGirls is so so good, the book was great seeing this live-action is awesome. the cast is great and adorable..the girls are great. It's not cynical, it's heartwarming.” Another social media user wrote, “#PaperGirls kicked total a**. Lots of deviations from the comics, but they make sense and allow for less CGI stuff. The kid actors absolutely kill it, just totally wreck the shop. And the soundtrack is great. If you're worried, don't be, also don't stress about reading or rereading.”

“@PrimeVideo I am going to need you to renew #PaperGirls right now. That’s not a story you leave unfinished. Fantastic show,” wrote another fan. “I finished season 1 of #PaperGirls in one day. A lot more emotional than I was expecting. The soundtrack was great,” tweeted another fan. Another fan wrote, “#PaperGirls is a goddamn delight. If you’re not watching, you’re missing out.”

According to the MEAWW review, the eight-part series created by Stephany Folsom is a thrilling tale of time traveling that includes soldiers, machines, menacing characters, and also, dinosaurs. It tackles human emotions and the lives of adolescents with precision and great sensitivity. The show currently holds a rating of 87% on Rotten Tomatoes.

There are a lot of things that can be explored in this universe and with Season 1 ending on a massive cliffhanger, it is certain that the show will be renewed for another edition.

Season 1 of ‘Paper Girls’ is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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