Are John Mayer and Andy Cohen dating? Bravo host claims he's 'in love' with singer in bombshell revelation
Andy Cohen on 'The Howard Stern Show' said, 'I am in love with John Mayer. We are in love with each other'

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA: For years, fans have playfully wondered about the close and affectionate friendship between John Mayer and Andy Cohen. Their bond is undeniable, with Mayer attending Cohen's baby shower, serenading him on his 50th birthday, and even speaking at his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. While Cohen is openly gay, Mayer's sexuality remains undisclosed, and as of now, he is known as a straight man adding to the intrigue.

In a recent appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show', the Bravo show host revealed some really interesting details about the singer and him being 'in love'. On the other hand, he also revealed some really long-awaited answers about the duo's sexual chemistry. The show host and singer-songwriter have often been captured being really close to each other on several occasions and left the internet wondering if they had anything more than just friendship, even Howard had to ask this question during the radio show.

Andy Cohen reveals he and John Mayer are ‘in love’

On Wednesday, June 14, episode of SiriusXM’s 'The Howard Stern Show', Andy, 55 revealed some long-awaited unanswered questions about his relationship with John Mayer. As he told the former 'America's Got Talent' judge, “I am in love with John Mayer. We are in love with each other.” During the interview, the radio host brought up John Mayer's frequent mention in Andy Cohen's new book, 'The Daddy Diaries: The Year I Grew Up,' and even mentioned that the two have been on camping trips together.

While Andy confirmed there has been nothing more than just friendship and love between them. Despite the confirmation, fans have long speculated about the true nature of Andy Cohen and John Mayer's relationship. Numerous instances of their close proximity have fueled speculation, such as their appearance at the Walk of Fame ceremony. During the event, Cohen stood with his back to Mayer, who affectionately held the host's elbow, resulting in their backs and chests touching intimately. These moments have only intensified the curiosity surrounding their connection.

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Andy Cohen and John Mayer's sexual chemistry

Even in an Instagram post, Andy made a few weeks ago, the sexual chemistry between them was completely visible. As he wrote the caption, 10/10 would smash while the photo consisted of the singer sitting casually with a black t-shirt looking straight into the camera with a smoldering look, probably at the host. Andy posted this only single-frame photo of John where they are at a restaurant for a possible date.

Since the caption talked about 'Smash' it caught a lot of attention as one user wrote, 10/10 you already have. Another user wrote, Is this your new Boyfriend? While another user talked about them being together and said, Yes! You'd be hawt af together @bravoandy! The speculations talking about their sexual chemistry kept coming up in the comment section as another user wrote, If he is your boyfriend, the world will support this...tell us! Another user added, We figured you already have. Another user added saying, When the f**k r they going to admit they are actually smashing? Also one more user added to heat the speculation and said, U mean 10/10 have smashed. With these speculations on the rise, Howard Stern mentioned also asked the host to swear on his children's lives that there had never been anything sexual between him and John. Without hesitation, Andy responded, Yes. I do. I swear.

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