'Flip to a Million' on HGTV: How Jon and Dani Wrobel fell in love on their very first meeting
It was 'love at first sight' for Jon and Dani Wrobel

'Flip to Million' is on the way to be exclusively aired on HGTV from August 1st. The home renovation specialists will only have six months to buy, renovate, and ultimately sell properties using their considerable knowledge real estate and the house flipping market.

This exciting new show follows two couples, Jason and EJ Williams of Chicago, Illinois, and Jon and Dani Wrobel of Long Island, New York. Wanna know more about how Jon and Dani first met? Keep reading!


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How did Jon and Dani Wrobel first meet?

Jon and Dani first met through a mutual friend and it was an instant love for the couple. Jon knew he was going to marry Dani the moment they met 10 years ago. “It was a crazy experience,” he admits. “It just gelled.” After their first date, the two became inseparable and got married in their mid 20s. “We were young,” Dani says. “For this generation, I feel like that’s really not so common these days, but we just knew it, and a year later we had our twins. There’s just never a dull moment with us.”

When did Jon and Dani start flipping houses?

Jon and Dani are involved in real estate, general renovations and design. In fact, the couple is opening up a home and living store in Sayville, New York, called True Place Company. Jon comes from a family that has run quite a similar business. His dad used to flip houses while Jon helped him. When he met Dani, he recognized her unique sense of style and soon enough Dani began taking up Jon's father's projects and helping him out too.

After their first flipping project together, Jon and Dani never looked back. They have succefully flipped around 60 homes into beautiful abodes. Rather than spending tons of money on staging furniture and decor, Jon and Dani like to showcase local stores, especially while filming 'Flip to a Million', as the budget is minimal to begin with.

Where can you watch the duo now?

The couple will be featuring in HGTV's upcoming reno show 'Flip to Million'. As contestants on the show, Jon and Dani Wrobel will compete against Jason and EJ Williams of Chicago. They are expected to acquire, refurbish, and sell houses in Dallas with the aim of selling a house for $1 million within six months with just $1,000 to start with. The show aims to prove that in the world of real estate, it’s possible to start out with almost nothing and turn it into a fortune.

Catch the show exclusively on HGTV on August 1, 2022

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